Rhor Shock: Proving Up Attorneys’ Fees in the Lode Star State (Read More)

Place: Construction Law Foundation of Texas 33rd Annual Construction Law Conference (March 2020)
Author/Speaker: Co-authored by Amy M. Emerson and Nicholl B. Wade; presented by Amy M. Emerson

This whitepaper explains the current requirements for successful fee-shifting and outlines the steps and practices attorneys should undertake to comply with those requirements in Texas. Given the significant costs of putting on a case, proving attorneys' fees is a high-stakes proposition—and one that all lawyers should grasp as part of the overall duty owed to clients.

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Amy Emerson is a partner and litigator at construction law firm Allensworth & Porter. Amy represents clients from all sides of the construction industry, including public and private owners, and is frequently retained by inside and outside general counsel to handle construction and contract disputes, appellate work, and governmental immunity issues.
Nicholl Wade helps clients in the construction industry solve problems and put disputes to rest, so they can focus on the people and projects that drive them. She advocates for clients involved in construction and design defect disputes, contract payment and termination issues, lien and bond claims, and project closeout issues.