Construction Disputes

Members of our firm have tried scores of cases to Texas juries in State and Federal courts all over Texas and have very extensive experience in multiparty construction disputes.  We are experienced in all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution processes common for construction disputes, including Arbitration, Mediation, and Dispute Review Boards.  We also have an extensive practice at Administrative forums, including the State Office of Administrative Hearings, and Professional Licensing agencies.

We handle all types of construction disputes, including particularly those arising out of:

Defective construction.  We have been involved in many of the major construction defect disputes in Central Texas since the firm’s inception in 1995, which have included all sorts of water infiltration and envelope issues, soil and foundation movement, and construction quality and warranty claims.

Professional negligence.  We are panel counsel for many of the insurers of Architects and Engineers, and have written extensively on the subject of architect and engineer liability.  Our Seminars and Publications page contains a partial list of these publications.

Construction claims, including the measurement and assessment of damages for extra work and for delay, and claims against the Texas Department of Transportation and other governmental entities.

Construction disputes among the construction participants, including issues relating to contract enforcement, formation, and termination.

Procurement, including bid disputes and the constitutionality of governmental bidding regimes.

Bond and lien claims on a wide variety of projects, both public and private.  Members of our firm have presented numerous papers on the intricacies of the Texas lien laws.  For more information, please visit our Seminars and Publication page.


Appellate Cases


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